You never fully know your operating system. If you are a Windows user, you will know that there are a thousand tricks, keyboard shortcuts, hidden functions and possible experiences in each installed tool. In addition, with the updates it seems that a good number of new features are always added.

You discover a new feature and you seem to save time or think how no one ever told you. With that intention, we are going to show you some that are not usually well known and that you may start using today . They will allow you to save time, manage your events, improve your use … We assure you that the vast majority are more than useful.

Do you want to know new features with Windows 10? Here are 10, take note of the ones that can contribute the most. All of them are more than simple.

Minimize windows

If you want to minimize all the windows you have open except the one you are working on, nothing is easier than clicking on its bar and shaking it for a few seconds with the mouse. The rest of the windows will be minimized automatically.

Alternative start menu

Few people know of this Start Menu that directly shows some tabs to manage the computer. Squeezes Windows + X keys . Did you know him?

Concentration assistant

concentration assistant

If you need to concentrate, you can configure the notifications you want to receive thanks to the Concentration Assistant, a more than useful tab for those who study or work with their teams. You can find this tab in Settings , under System .

Open items with keyboard shortcuts

If you have items pinned to the bottom of the screen, you can open them using the Windows keys and the number where they are in the bar . For example, Windows + 3 will open the third item.

now how much space your applications take up

With Windows 10 you can take a general look at how much storage on your computer you have occupied or the real size of some applications , in order to eliminate programs or games that are weighing down the computer or are too heavy. Just go to Settings > System > Storage . The team will analyze your hard drive in seconds.

Say goodbye to ads

If you are bothered by the ads on the Start Menu , you may want to remove them and it is very easy if you get to the right path. Windows lists these ads as Suggestions, and all you have to do is disable a button.

Go to Settings > Personalization > Start . There you have to disable the option Show suggestions occasionally in Start . They will soon disappear.

remove suggestions

Close background apps

If you are not doing anything with your computer but you notice that it does not stop thinking, there may be applications running in the background . This evil that occurs many times with mobile phones and that uses so much battery is also suffered with computers. But it is easy to fix.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Background apps . There you have all the applications and you can mark which ones you want to run and which ones not .

Background scrolling

Even if you don’t have an application open in the first place, you should be able to scroll it up and down with just the mouse wheel . All you have to do is put the cursor over it and turn the wheel so that it moves without clicking on it.

In case it is not possible, activate the option in Settings > Devices > Mouse . There you have this tab to mark.

hover mouse

View file extensions

If you want to know immediately if an image is in JPG or PNG, for example, now you have to click on it and open its properties. But you can configure your Windows 10 to show you the extensions directly . Go to File Explorer Options and under View uncheck the option Hide extensions for known files . You will see how your navigation is much more agile.