21 recommended themes for One UI, the customization layer of Samsung mobiles

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One of the benefits of customization layers over stock Android is that more customization options are included, such as support for themes. With these themes, it is very easy to radically change the design of the mobile with wallpapers, icons and color schemes.

One UI is Samsung’s customization layer, and includes support for themes that are downloaded and installed through the Galaxy Store , the home store. There are themes for all tastes and colors, but we have selected 21 themes for Samsung One UI that are free and may interest you.

Cat neon


A minimalist theme with a dark-hued wallpaper featuring simplified-shaped icons and colorful designs, similar to neon lights.

Greenery cactus


Another minimalist theme, this time with a wallpaper similar to the texture of a paper and featuring icons with cactus shapes.

Colorful neon


A minimal and colorful theme in which the icons become varied drawings with a certain childish touch. On other screens, such as quick settings, an orange tone is applied to the background.

Minu Black Edition


If you’re looking for a simple, dark theme, few fit the definition as well as this one. The wallpaper is absolutely black, and the icons are made up of white lines, without colors.

Cartoon car


If you’re looking for something a little more colorful, this theme has pastel colored vignette icons, plus dark blue wallpaper.

Pink seashell


Pink seashell is a simple theme that includes a wallpaper with pink tones and simple icons, made up of lines with the same color. It also includes its own design for the AOD screen.



This theme includes several images of a cute astronaut on the home screen, lock screen and as a background in some home apps, as well as related elements in the icons of some applications, such as the gallery.

Spring breeze


Spring breeze is a rather curious theme that includes a wallpaper with floral touches, although the greatest peculiarity is in the icons, which include the name of the application written.

SD Black


Another theme for lovers of dark mode, as it includes an absolutely black background. The difference from other dark themes is that a colored ring is included around the application icons.

Lovely busy bee


A nice theme starring a bee and that includes animations of the aforementioned insect. The icons have some bullet points and are square.

Cloud cat


Put a cat in the clouds on your Samsung mobile with One UI with this theme. The tonality is mainly blue, with round icons with minimalist design.



If you like yellow and cars, in this theme you have exactly that. The wallpaper features a yellow sports car and all the icons are the same color.

Atmosphere gentleman


An “elegant” theme with a design that reminds a bit of cell phones from a few years ago. Icons with a more “realistic” design are included than what we are used to these days and red and orange tones prevail.

Akita dog


Another minimalist theme, this time featuring an adorable Akita Inu wearing a blue scarf. The application icons are minimalist and with a brown hue.



Greight is a theme that is something of an alternative version of Samsung’s design. It is a simple design, with pastel tones and that is similar but a little different, ideal to give a touch of fresh air to your mobile without making a radical change.

High end business


If you want to give your mobile a unique touch, this theme turns it into a complicated machinery, with an animated background on the home screen and an industrial design with yellow tones.

Simple white hand drawn cat


We go from a complicated topic to an extremely simple one. As the name suggests, this is a simple theme with a cat as the wallpaper and hand-drawn icons.

Kawaii watermelon


If you are absolutely obsessed with watermelons, with this theme you can have a gigantic watermelon as your wallpaper and on your home screen, as well as having watermelon icons for almost all applications. Why not?



This theme gives an artistic touch to your mobile, including a watercolor wallpaper and icons with a matching design.



That you have a Samsung mobile does not mean that you disgust the design of iOS. This theme is not an exact clone of the iOS style, but it is quite inspired and one of the few similar ones that are free.



Pixelize is a theme that simulates the design of Pixel Experience, the personalization layer of the Google Pixel. It is not an exact copy, but rather an inspired theme.