226 new cases announced, another period of ‘tough restrictions’ may be required in January

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The number of cases in the North has fallen sharply as 79 new cases of the disease were announced today

226 new cases announced, another period of 'tough restrictions' may be required in January

The Department of Health has confirmed 226 new cases of the Covid-19 this afternoon. Another six died from the disease.

The number of new cases in the state has fallen in recent days but the Taoiseach has warned that the country has not yet survived.

“The second defeat is not over, nor is it in danger,” said Micheál Martin in the Dáil this afternoon.

“It simply came to our notice then. Ignore the virus that causes its spread. The virus will spread very suddenly if you think it poses no danger. ”

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said a “short period of strict restrictions may be necessary in January”.

“Level 3 restrictions may have been more effective than we thought at the time, and Level 5 may not have been as effective as predicted, but these restrictions had to be implemented to reduce the number of cases,” he said. said Varadkar.

“January may require a short period of severe restrictions – but we should work hard to ensure that these restrictions do not have to be in place for long.”

41 of the 226 new cases confirmed today involved Donegal. There were seven cases in Waterford, six in Galway and six in Cork.

There were less than five new cases to be announced in Kerry, Mayo and Meath. There were 64 new cases in Dublin.

More than half of the 26 counties had between 0-5 cases of the Covid-19, according to the latest figures.

The fortnightly rate of the disease in the state now stands at 108 cases per 100,000 people.

The fortnightly rate in Donegal has gone up from 227 yesterday to 240 today.

The rate in Waterford is now at 151 and the rate in county Meath at 117.

The rate in Mayo has fallen to 89, 81 in Cork, 65 in Galway and 61 in Kerry.

The hospital has 292 people affected by the Covid-19 and 36 of them in an intensive care unit.

The intensive lock-in measures are set to be released in three phases in December, according to reports.

According to reports, people will be allowed to visit other households and in the third phase closer to Christmas people will be allowed to travel outside their own county.

However, it is reported that a final decision on the release of the restrictions will not be made until Friday.

It is envisaged that this will provide advice to the public on how to enjoy Christmas with the family rather than imposing strict rules.

People are expected to be warned later in the week about the importance of avoiding physical contact, staying away from people and ventilating rooms where people gather.

There are reports that the Taoiseach told the Government today that he would be proposing the introduction of level 3 restrictions next week.

It is estimated that shops, fitness centers and hairdressers may be allowed to reopen in the first phase of the new restrictions next week.

Restaurants and pubs that serve food may be granted open permission in the second phase of the following week.

The three leaders of the coalition parties met last night and agreed that level 5 restrictions could be lifted at the beginning of the month.

This derogation was discussed at a Government meeting today and once the Government has received the advice from NPHET, a decision will be made on the best approach to managing the derogation.

NPHET has moved forward their forthcoming meeting on Thursday and it will take place tomorrow.

It was decided at today’s Government meeting that the Pandemic Unemployment Payment would be available until the end of March.

Social Protection Minister Heather Humphreys said the decision was made to “give people hope”, especially those returning to work in December and possibly redundant again in the new year.

“If the PUP is available to newcomers, we will ensure that people do not have to worry about returning to work for fear of not being entitled to the PUP afterwards,” said Minister Humphreys.

There are over € 4.3 billion paid to people unable to work due to the pandemic since the introduction of this aid scheme last March.

The Northern Department of Health announced earlier in the evening that 11 other people who had contracted the coronary virus had died.

The number of new cases fell sharply and 79 new cases of the disease confirmed in the North today. 549 new cases were then announced last Tuesday

There are 445 Covid-19 patients in Northern hospitals and 37 of them in an intensive care unit. 99% of the beds there were full today.

To date, 2,971 people have died in Ireland as a result of the pandemic, 2,028 people south of the border and 943 people north of it.

To date 121,073 cases have been confirmed in Ireland, 70,930 cases in the south and 50,143 in the north.

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