How do the new WhatsApp Deep Links work and what are they for?

stickers whatsapp
stickers whatsapp

For a few days we have had some new exclusive WhatsApp links that will allow us to obtain different bonuses without having to previously go through the application store.

It is likely that they have gone unnoticed, but WhatsApp has released a curious feature that will allow us, among other things, to be able to exclusively download different regional packages and that could also be used in the future to obtain a series of extras without having to go through the official store.

The feature, originally discovered by wabetainfo, is a new set of links called Deep Links that at first seem destined to download sticker packs without visiting the official WhatsApp store.

These links are already available to everyone and when you have updated the application to the latest version on both iOS and Android, you will be able to access them. Before clicking on them, you must make sure that they are really trustworthy WhatsApp links, checking that they all start with “”.

They began to test this type of deep links thanks to a new pack of stickers called “vaccines for all” and that has come out to make all users aware of the importance of vaccination.

In addition to downloading regional packages, the application can allow us to use these new deep links to enable new content without having to go through any other page, regardless of whether it is official.

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