3 of the Most Interesting Tech Projects on Kickstarter in April

gadgets en kickstarter 730x410.jpg
gadgets en kickstarter 730x410.jpg

We are already used to finding all kinds of quality technology projects within Kickstarter, one of the platforms financing for creative projects best known worldwide.

It could be said that technological projects are among the best known and most important on the platform, and therefore it is not a bad thing to talk about those 3 who have everything they need to be the best of the month of April.

Scout, an autonomous robot that can patrol your home powered by AI

We begin immediately with the main course of the dinner, and that is the Scout, it turns out to be the first domestic robot in the world powered by AI that allows you to monitor, protect and be aware of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week autonomously. It turns out to be of great interest to monitor and watch children and pets, since this mobile robot does record from the ground like an all-seeing eye.

So much so that it really is a patented product in the United States, where it has design and technology patents. This project is already 11,940% funded and still allows people to sponsor the project, for at least 20 more days. Among the options and prices that the Scout will have for when it comes out, it can be purchased for $ 199 in its normal version.

ChessUp, a chess board / trainer

This turns out to be another interesting project created by Jeff Wigh and developed by Bryght Labs, a working group that already has experience creating technological products that include electronics for helicopters, smart watches, etc. The board is a true work of art that by lights that vary in colors, indicate which movements turn out to be the best according to the position of the other pieces.

The board’s proprietary artificial intelligence displays various shades of blue, green, and red on your screen. predicting which moves would be better or not. Without a doubt, it is something that thousands of people find interesting, especially when it comes to a game as deep and meticulous as chess.

They exceeded their initial collection amount (30 thousand dollars) and are already at 1.2 million dollars, although there are still several days for the campaign to close. As for the retail price of the board, we commented that it will be at $ 389.

Expensive Tartar Scraper, a tartar scraper to clean teeth

This is the last project of this top 3, and we are facing another great creation that is directly involved in the personal care and hygiene market, specifically in the oral area, we are talking about a tartar scraper. As indicated in the product description, it is interesting to think that it is perhaps one of the most important tools for cleaning teeth that consumers can buy.

It is a product designed that took shape in 2019 from the hand of a family man, who wants to show that even using a toothbrush and dental floss, this may be too little for really healthy teeth. It has an app which allows you to monitor the scraping process, of which there are up to 3 modes (soft / clean / powerful).

It is approximately more than 2 weeks until this campaign comes to an end. This, it should be noted, had a goal of 38 thousand Hong Kong dollars and has already exceeded the figure, now standing at 651 thousand, just over 80 thousand US dollars. Luckily they were able to exceed the number and will be able to sell the scraper unit for $ 69.