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8 signs that you are addicted to mobile

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More than 30% of mobile phone users suffer from «Nomophobia«, that is to say, fear of leaving home and leaving the device forgotten … being «disconnected from the rest of the world», without being able to receive messages through instant messaging or update their social networks.

The “prontomania” causes that any message on WhatsApp or social networks has to be answered immediately

This is just one of the symptoms of being addicted to technology, but there are many more. The psychologist Gabriela Paoli, author of the book “Digital health: keys to a healthy use of technology”, talks about the term “techno-stress” and the need to be permanently connected, something that has worsened during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the dependence on technology is much greater: teleworking, online training, constant videoconferences …

According to the expert, the hyperconnectivity caused by the new normal can lead to disorders and behavior problems that generate anxiety, stress and nervousness. In this sense, it establishes eight symptoms that an addiction to technology is being generated. They would be the following:

-Need to have the mobile always close: One is not at ease if the mobile is not “one more extension” of the body. Even while sleeping it is necessary to have him close. If it is not within reach, you feel the need to go get it.

-Consult the mobile compulsively: You need to look at your mobile continuously to see if you have a message, or an update on social networks, even when you do not receive any notification. It is estimated that an average user will spend 9 years of his life looking at his mobile screen, sometimes for no reason.

-Suffer FOMO (fear of missing something): Missing some news, some comment on networks, an uploaded photo … it is somewhat dramatic. Users who suffer from FOMO have the need to constantly look at their mobile for fear of missing something:

-Complaints of the family environment and friends: If the people around you complain that you do not attend to them or that you are permanently with your mobile in your hand …

-Lack of time for other tasks: Prolonged use of the mobile causes them to stop doing things that were previously enjoyed, or to have less free time.

-Fear of the mobile off: The fact that the mobile is turned off causes the user to feel insecure, anxious, nervous … that is not calm.

-Fear of running out of battery: It is a feeling of annoyance or discomfort when there is not enough battery, or there is no Wi-Fi connection.

-Prontomania: Having to answer any notification that is received at the moment, be it WhatsApp, mail or comment on networks.