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YouTube has just announced a series of measures and launches that will take place throughout this year that will completely redefine the experience of consuming videos on YouTube. According to Neal Mohan, YouTube Chief Product Officer, the news that they have anticipated now are just some of those that will be available in the coming months and on which the platform is working. The news would be the following:

YouTube will officially launch Shorts, its imitation of TikTok videos, next March.

-Shorts. It is one of the main novelties that YouTube has confirmed, the arrival of Shorts in the month of March, which will allow the creation of short content from the mobile phone. It will no longer be necessary to create a YouTube channel as such, but from the Shorts you can create short videos in the style of TikTok. At the moment they are already being tested in India and YouTube has recognized that in the coming weeks they will arrive in beta in the United States.

YouTube Shorts

-Integrated shopping experience. YouTube has recognized that it is working on a new shopping experience integrated into videos that will allow creators new avenues of monetization. He has not given more detail in addition to this announcement, and has called later in 2021 to know the news in this regard, but it is not surprising the movement: Instagram and TikTok are also taking giant steps towards becoming an eCommerce platform.

-New easier navigation. YouTube ensures that it will launch novelties in terms of the design of the platform for desktop computers and also for mobile applications.

-New design for tablets. YouTube ensures that it will change the playback experience to be more intuitive, and modernize, for example, the design of the platform for tablets, devices where many videos are consumed.

-Applause. YouTube is testing a new way to monetize that would join existing ones. Following the success of Super Chats and Super Stickers, he is now testing ‘Applause’, which will allow users to support creators by helping them earn money by sharing a small amount of money with them.

Applause YouTube

-Automatic chapters. According to YouTube, the chapters – a tool that users can now use manually – will be added automatically in the coming months, thus dividing the content of each video and making it easier for users to consume.

-Compatibility with emerging formats. YouTube currently supports SD, HD, 4K, VR, and HDR video, as well as live content. As promised, in 2021 it will redesign the experience on the main page of the YouTube VR app – for Virtual Reality devices – to improve navigation and accessibility.

-Creating lasting musical moments. YouTube Music has more than 70 million official tracks, as well as playlists, remixes, music videos … and YouTube has promised to launch this year mixes with personalized content to accompany daily activities (doing sports, concentrating on something, relaxing) and moods.

-Safer experience on YouTube Kids. YouTube is planning to launch new tools for parents. One of them will allow them to select YouTube videos and channels to include them on YouTube Kids and for their children to watch.


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