A 2004 iPod streaming music from Spotify? Some developers have succeeded

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The iPod was released on October 23, 2001, and sWhile the iPhone overshadowed it in importance, it’s fair to say that most people have a special place in their hearts for this mythical gadget. In many ways, it is the device that defined an era before the advent of smartphones.

Now some users have found a way to honor his legacy by giving it a new life and modifying it to work with a music on demand service. Specific YouTuber Guy Dupont upgraded an iPod Classic fourth generation to run Spotify.

An iPod Classic running Spotify

This was not a simple matter of downloading the application and working, but rather the model was hacked by Dupont and it didn’t come with a way to connect to the internet via WiFi, so he had to rebuild the device to allow it to access Spotify.

The “sPot” (as its creator has baptized it), has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows it to connect to wireless speakers and headphones, as well as a color screen and a 1000 mAh battery. At the heart of the device is the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Also gutter with a motor that creates haptic feedback when using the click wheel. And finally, to charge the device, use a Micro-USB port.

In total, all the components of the modified iPod cost him less than $ 100. The most expensive part was the color screen that this YouTuber used to replace the original screen of the iPod since the screen of this was monochrome.

He developed software that allowed him to search for songs

For software decided to develop a special code for the “sPot”, with a combination of software that YouTuber he developed himself and an application called Raspotify, which allows a Raspberry Pi to access the streaming service through the Spotify Connect API. The interface he developed allowed him to search for songsHowever, without a touch screen keyboard, it is difficult to enter characters.

Nowadays there are an estimated millions of unused iPod devices by users due to its longevity. If you are one of those users who has an unused one in a drawer, and you want do this project on your own, you know that the YouTuber has uploaded a detailed article to the Hackaday website. In addition, he has uploaded all the software he developed during the project to GitHub, the open source web repository.

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