A case has been registered against the jail authorities for forcing the inmates to sing “Baby Shark”

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A case of torture and cruelty was registered against the jail authorities for repeating the same song for hours. (Photo: Internet)

Oklahoma: Two former Oklahoma County jail officials have been charged with assault and cruelty after they repeatedly sang the same song for several hours to “teach a lesson” to inmates.

In November and December last year, inmates received complaints against two Oklahoma County jail officials and their supervisors, alleging that they handcuffed them and locked them in a penitentiary. The famous song “Baby Shark” is sung repeatedly, forcing them to stand.

The allegation was substantiated during the investigation. Meanwhile, the supervisor retired while the other two officials resigned. Following the completion of the procedure, these complaints have been filed in the court in the form of a formal case.

Prison officials said the inmates were not disciplined at all, but did not want to be physically abused. So they decided to “teach them a lesson” by forcing them to sing the same song over and over again because it doesn’t count as violence.

The detainees argued that handcuffing and forcing them to listen to the same song over and over again for several hours was tantamount to torture and harassment, so legal action should be taken against them. Acknowledging the complaint, the Oklahoma County Administration has decided to prosecute the three officers.

It should be noted that “Baby Shark” is a popular children’s song which was released two years ago. It has been viewed more than 6 billion times on YouTube so far.