A failure in Facebook reveals the email of users

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The email addresses of Facebook users have been made available to anyone who uses a tool of the type scrapper able to get hold of this information even if users keep that data private.

A program of type scrapper searches for mass data publicly available on the web

The tool in question is Facebook Email Search 1.0 And it has been discovered by a security researcher, who has realized that it can be used to obtain the email addresses that are associated with a Facebook account without much trouble. Its ability to obtain this data by searching the Internet, allows anyone, using this application, to be able to associate 5 million email accounts every day with the same number of user accounts on the social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

The process is completely automatic and Facebook Email Search 1.0 takes care of everything. Its work mechanism is to investigate the data leaks that usually exist on the Internet, checking if the email accounts contained in said leaks are related to an account on Facebook. From there, this information can be used to attack the user of said account, initiate fraud such as fishing or try to impersonate users.

The researcher who discovered it points out that Facebook Email Search 1.0 works even in cases where the user of the Facebook account had indicated that their email address was private information, so that it would not be disseminated by the Facebook account. social network, which would be a serious failure by Facebook to facilitate access to private data. However, when this researcher contacted Facebook alerting them of this situation, the response received was that it was a failure that was not so important to take care of fixing it.

This is not the first time that Facebook has faced a data breach. It was recently discovered that data from more than 500 million user accounts had been released, which has led to the opening of an investigation by the European Union authorities.