A first image of the new design of Apple’s Airpods 3 leaks

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This year we are going to have important changes in the AirPods range, basically because nothing more and nothing less than five years have passed since the launch of the first models back in December 2016. And those of Cupertino do not usually leave so much time between one change in appearance and the next (if we do not take into account what happened with their iPad).

In addition, in recent months there have been leaks about potential changes, quite radical, in the design, which has led to many of the information that appeared may have been confused. As is the case today, which suggests such a radical modification in the AirPod range that it could surprise many users.

A first filtered image

Although already in October of last year new details appeared about the odd model that could reach stores in 2021, the truth is that It seems to us too soon that those of Cupertino want to launch a second generation of their Pro models, which went on sale in October 2019. Hence, practically all sources point out that the image that has just been leaked belongs to the third generation AirPods.

New design of Airpods 3.

Yes, too It is surprising that North Americans are going to bring the design of their standard models so close to the look of the Pro, with those silicone ear cushions to put them in the ear, the shorter cane and the inclusion of touch controls in them to handle the reproduction of what we hear. Furthermore, the charging case would also acquire the same shape as that of the current AirPods Pro.

Taking as true the possibility that Third-generation Airpods end up becoming a kind of Pro Lite modelThese new helmets would not have active noise cancellation like their older brothers and would remain, at best, with a passive system that would lie in the presence of those silicone pads that act as a seal against any sound coming from the outside.

Another new detail is that, for the first time, AirPods would feature effective and useful playback control, far from that simple touch that we currently have available to start or stop the music, or invoke Siri. With these new sticks inspired by the AirPods Pro, users can make various types of touches (one, two or long) to hit play, listen to the next song or go back to the previous one. What do you think?


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