A judge limits in-person attendance for the Apple vs. Epic games

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The judge presiding over the next trial between Apple and Epic Games has put a cap on the number of in-person attendees, citing concerns about the coronavirus.

Limit in-person attendance for Apple vs. Epic games

The high-risk demand between Apple and Epic Games is approaching a trial, faster than Apple would prefer.

While Epic wanted the trial to take place in May and appeared to agree with the decision, Apple was looking for it to take place at a later time. González denied the request and insisted on a trial in May.

This is why Federal District Judge Yvonne González Rogers imposed limits on the number of people who can attend the trial, which was already scheduled to begin on May 3 and is likely to take place. out in person.

Previously, Judge Rogers said the case was important enough to warrant an in-person meeting rather than a virtual session.

Apple and Epic Games They can each have six people in the courtroom at one time, Judge Rogers decided. All people should wear masks, regardless of whether they are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus reported the portal Law360 last Monday.

Members of the press and the public will not be able to attend the trial in person, but live audio of the proceedings will be provided.

Each side will have a total of 45 hours to present your case. The court will hear testimony from various witnesses high-profile, including Apple’s CEO, Tim cook and Apple’s companion, Phil Schiller.

The case originates from a lawsuit that Epic games imposed against Apple in 2020 after prompting the Cupertino tech giant to remove “Fortnite” from the App Store. Epic Games, which plans to call witnesses from third-party companies such as Facebook and Microsoft, has accused Apple of controlling markets, blocking competition and stifling innovation.


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