A new report confirms that 5G neither causes cancer nor is harmful

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5g safe antennasTechnological advances always mean that there are people who think that they are harmful to health. It happened with electricity, and unfortunately it still happens with the electromagnetic waves who use mobiles. Now, a study has shown again that neither 5G nor radio frequencies increase the risk of cancer.

Despite the fact that 5G is an evolution of 4G, and that it will operate in part on the same frequencies that DTT operated until now, there are many citizens who have tried to avoid the expansion of this technology. Unfortunately for them, science is relentless, and the new ‘Report on Radio Frequencies and Health 2016-2019«, Published by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Radio Frequencies and Health (CCARS), has analyzed all the scientific evidence that is available on wireless networks to date.

Neither WiFi, nor 4G nor 5G give cancer

This report is the sixth made by the organization, providing truthful information on the matter so that public opinion can have as a reference a document based on the most solid scientific evidence in order to make informed decisions that benefit all citizens.

Thus, after analyzing the entire scientific evidence From epidemiological cohort and case-control studies on radio frequencies in health, the experts who have written in the report conclude that, with the usual levels of exposure to which the population is exposed, there is no risk to health. In turn, they have also reviewed all the studies on the relationship between mobile phone use and brain tumors, and confirm that mobile phones do not increase the probability of suffering from them.

Furthermore, studies conducted both in vivo and in vitro, together with epidemiological investigations, do not indicate an association between the mobile phone use and tumor development in the central nervous system. They also discard the relationship between exposure to radio frequency sources and electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The data are related to the available evidence, where the trend of evolution of cancer cases it has not skyrocketed due to the massive use of mobile telephony from the mid-90s to the present. If cell phones caused cancer, even in a small percentage of people, the number of cases would skyrocket around the world, and it has not been the case.

In the report they also comment that the levels of exposure to wireless systems in nurseries, primary and secondary schools are much lower than those that Spain is obliged to comply with. Of course, as long as legal repeaters are used.

Informing the public, an important step

Finally, they also remember that 5G is nothing more than an evolution of 4G, and that it will allow obtaining new uses and applications, in addition to offering greater mobile coverage thanks to the use of the band of 700 MHz, which can be the difference between life and death if we have an accident in an isolated area such as on a mountain where we can ask for help. Researchers highlight the importance of properly informing citizens about how technologies work and what their benefits are, in addition to the control measures currently in place to ensure that exposure limits are met.


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