A robot with wheels and legs at the same time

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In collaboration with DARPA, scientists at the University of Texas A&M have created a robot whose wheels turn into feet. Photo: University of Texas A&M

Texas: Work on small useful robots is underway around the world and now there are reports from the United States of robots whose wheels turn into robotic legs when needed.

Named the Alpha Walter (Wheel and League Transformable Robot), the robot was developed by a team at the University of Texas A&M. This is the plan of the famous Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States, under which an army of many robots will be created, which has been named the Offset Sprint 5 Robotics Program.

The robot is still in its infancy and runs on wheels on a smooth surface, but when an obstacle or staircase comes up, its wheels open and they become legs to help it climb. Each wheel turns into three toed legs. Each claw grasps the paths up and down, and the robot moves fast without stopping.

DARPA believes that these robots can be used for both military and non-military purposes at the same time. The robot will be made completely autonomous and automated so that it can turn its wheels into legs or legs back into wheels without human intervention due to the paths in front of it. Experts believe that such robots can do a lot of work.

The robot can also be used in space, home, surveillance, agriculture and tragedy, says Caijo Lee, a professor at Texas A&M University.

However, the practical model will be available by February next year. However, ETH Zurich has previously built a robot with wheels on its legs.

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