A Taycan Turbo S breaks the Guinness record for a drifting EV (video)

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Brian Adam
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Porsche already presented its commitment to the electric car market some time ago with a really beautiful model and with some chilling numbers. And since it was unveiled last year, we’ve seen how the EV of the Germans was measured against all kinds of rivals reaching the culmination barely a couple of days ago, when he dared to break the Guinness record for time skidding on a wet track.

This is obviously a very demanding test because it is not about making a specific number of laps or reaching a minimum speedInstead, the record must be broken by making one second longer than the time set in the famous book. And from Porsche they thought that this milestone was within the reach of their electric car so, considering the results, it seems that they were not wrong.

Almost an hour spinning

The skid test the Porsche Taycan Turbo S underwent lasted 55 minutes, in which he did not stop circling the circular circuit prepared by the Germans and that they suitably wet to make the challenge much more spectacular. It is also true that this way the car had easier not to burn the tires at the first changes, so in the end the Guinness record could be overcome.

Total the car was able to travel almost 43 kilometers, specifically 26.2 miles, with a real-wheel drive model that completed a total of 210 laps at an average speed of almost 47 km / h. They might seem not very spectacular numbers but it must be taken into account that they were obtained continuously, without stopping, without making a single pause, so the resistance of the pilot was put to the test to avoid boredom, fatigue and, of course, the driving failures that would have forced a restart of the record attempt.

This milestone It was obtained with a Porsche Taycan of those that will be sold officially and that will arrive at first with models of 402 and 469CV of power and batteries of 79.2 and 93.4 kWh., respectively. The driver himself came to admit that “it was very exhausting for me to keep my concentration for 210 laps, especially since the wet asphalt of the skid circuit does not provide the same grip everywhere”. Keep in mind that the Guinness record for a fuel-powered car is held by a BMW M5 that reached eight hours and more than 374 kilometers in an attempt that required refueling the tank in the middle of the test. Non-stop.


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