A very light laptop for work or play at home

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A very light laptop for work or play at home

In the last year, the way of working has been radically transformed and the office has moved into our homes. The pandemic unleashed by Covid 19 has promoted teleworking and has made computers, especially laptops, an essential tool not only to develop our professional activities but also for our leisure moments, to create and connect regardless of the place.

In the PC market, innovation is constant in order to adapt to the rapid changes experienced by the ICT industry and the new technological needs of society in general.

The equipment has a convertible touch screen, incorporates the latest technology in artificial intelligence and maximum security

To the novelties in design and functionality of the equipment are added the advances in artificial intelligence and the possibility of choosing the lighting of the screens on demand, according to the environment we need.

New needs, more features

In addition, teleworking has generated new characteristics, new needs and uses of computers that facilitate the functions of workers who carry out their work remotely.

Team innovations with features that meet the needs of hybrid work environments, creative pursuits, and connectivity.

This new multifunction and the increase in hours of use in front of the computer makes users demand equipment that is characterized by its adaptability, its collaboration options and micromobility.

The key to this innovation must be people-centered based on helping people stay connected and facilitating creativity processes while improving their experience.

These new professional profiles require new features, now essential, such as being able to control the appropriate lighting for video calls and personalized experiences that make it easier to control equipment.

Much more than a laptop

Among notebooks, the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 is a collaboration-focused model that delves beyond user expectations and addresses the need to keep users productive and cooperative despite distance.

The innovation, practicality and lightness of this model make it a great ally both in the office and at home as it allows professionals great freedom of movement thanks to the fact that it is the lightest compact corporate convertible in the world – less than 1 kg of weight- and has a convertible x360 touch screen.

This versatility is compounded by a long-lasting battery that allows you to work with peace of mind without fear of being disconnected.

In this model, HP maintains its firm commitment to the environment, being the HP Elite Dragonfly G2 one of the most sustainable computers on the market with elements made from recycled materials such as plastics from the seabed.

Its innovative features are joined by an excellent diamond-cut design and chassis in an elegant blue color and the latest artificial intelligence technology with crystal clear sound thanks to Bang & Olufsen Audio technology that offers an extended sound experience.

Another factor that makes the difference is safety. This equipment includes the latest technology always active and developed by HP for intrusion detection, HP Tamper Lock, which when detecting a danger or if it has been physically opened, blocks the computer and notifies its user.

To avoid prying eyes, it has a built-in privacy screen that locks you instantly with HP Sure View, and it also features a privacy camera that allows you to close the shutter. In addition, it highlights its incredible power thanks to the 11th generation Intel® Core ™ processors and new Intel® integrated graphics that allow users to stay connected through truly fast 5Go 4G gigabit-class LTE connectivity, with Tile ™ built-in.

‘Out of the office’

A very light laptop for work or play at home

In these times, almost everyone agrees that the office will never be the same. Don’t worry, it might be a good thing.

Why work in a specific place if you can do it where you want? Yes, it can and is what the new HP Elite Dragonfly G2 offers you, designed to meet the needs of a mobile professional reality, which is imposed and there will be no going back.

The demands of teleworking are different and technology makes our lives easier, especially if the performance is total from anywhere and anywhere.

67% of IT managers expect telework policies to remain in place over the long term or permanently, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligent.

Leave your equipment safety concerns behind. HP security features work together to provide a resilient, active, and uninterrupted defense.


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