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Although the idea is not really new, since we talked about something similar less than a year ago, now comes a new tool that will help us get ideas to write about in those days where our imagination and inspiration can be blocked.

It is about Writing Prompts, a simple and practical web that will randomly give us basic indications on topics to write in those days of creative blockage, being able to obtain as many indications as we want as times we press the available button.

Looking for inspiration to write through the topics

And it is that the topic that they propose to us from the beginning may not convince us, so we can go exploring the different topics that the web contains until we find the topic that inspires us and motivates us to write the same according to the instructions that it offers us. onscreen.

As an alternative to the instructions we can receive via the web, if we sign up for your newsletter, we will also get a total of 10 “high quality” topic instructions daily in our email inbox.

The authors, who previously launched Tweet Ideas, promise to offer ideas for writing everything from a short story to a full series of books.

In Product Hunt, where it is now the number one application, its authors promise that at some point each person will find something interesting to write about, so it will be a matter of exploring all those topics they offer until we find the one that may be interesting to us.

Of course, it must be taken into account that the web, generated in a few hours over a weekend, only offers instructions on topics in English, although this aspect should no longer be a barrier, given the existing tools on the web to translate content into different languages.

Writing Prompts will likely expand the ideas available over time, and may eventually host new features, for which the authors of this project are open to suggestions and requests.

Writing Prompts is available free of charge and without the need for user registration.

It is already a question that, when those days of blockage come, we can investigate the topics that can serve as inspiration, being especially useful for writers who want to bring stories of all kinds to books and other existing media to reach their respective audiences. .

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