A yellow gale warning to the west coast and inclement weather is forecast these two days

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This gale alert will take effect in Kerry and Clare from 7.00 pm tonight

A yellow gale warning to the west coast and inclement weather is forecast these two days

Met Éireann has issued a yellow gale notice to six counties along the west coast.

This alert will take effect in Kerry and Clare from 7.00 pm tonight. The wind is predicted to be between 50 and 65 km per hour but it can have gusts along the coast and on raised ground at 90 to 110 km per hour.

The gale alert will take effect in Galway and Mayo two hours later, 9.00 pm and will be in the morning, 6.00 am, before the gale reaches Sligo and Donegal.

This force 8 wind gust will initially be south-easterly but changing south-west at night with 8 and 9 forces from Roches Point to Loop Head and later north to Bloody Hill.

The night is forecast to fall – 9.00 pm – tomorrow before any slack on the gale on the west coast.

Although fine today with temperatures of between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius, it will change manners in the afternoons and heavy rain will spread from the northeast across the country.

Tonight is a wet and windy night and although we will have some sunshine and some clouds tomorrow, it will be windy.

Of course in the western half of the country the showers will predominate and it will dry in the south-east by day. It will be a little colder between 12 to 16 degrees Celsius.

Sun, clouds and wind gusts are being promised on Saturday with those more generous showers in the north and the risk of prolonged periods of rain later in the day.

In the south and east the sun is best with temperatures of between 13 and 16 d degrees Celsius.

Met Éireann has alerted sailors under the force of its 8 and 9 force from Rocheen Point to Malin Head from tonight afternoon until tomorrow morning.

Whoever has planted potatoes, potatoes or potatoes, Met Éireann is advising us to spray spray this evening as we will be having a severe blizzard over the next few days.

But when we are alive, we will be back with good weather on Sunday with forecasts of fine sunshine in most parts of the country with temperatures of between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius.

Those of you who are out with wardrobes and parasols, put them in a safe place in case of an accident or you may have a search tomorrow.