Activate SmartWatch IoT with your Telcel Plan and always stay connected

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Get the most out of your smartwatch. Activate SmartWatch IoT and stay connected even when you are away from your smartphone.

How to activate Smartwatch iot with Telcel.  * Photo: Redaction

Get the most out of your smartwatch. We tell you how to activate SmartWatch IoT to stay connected even if you are away from your smartphone.

What is SmartWatch IoT?

It is the additional service that allows you to share the benefits of your Rental Plan (Voice, SMS and Data) on your compatible smart watch; keeping your Telcel number without the need to hire an additional line.

what is to activate Telcel's IoT SmartWatch

What I need?

  • Active Telcel Income Plan Check here the best plans.
  • Active VoLTE * service on your line.
  • A Smartphone compatible with your watch
  • A compatible Apple or Samsung brand smartwatch.

* If you still do not activate VoLTE technology, request it by dialing toll free from your Telcel to * 111. For more information see here.

How active?

  • If your team is iPhone go to the Watch app or if your device is Samsung download the app Galaxy Wearable.
  • Link your device via bluetooth with the help of the application
  • Select the option to configure mobile networks in the Clock App
  • Select the offer (on Apple Watch you need the My Telcel password)
  • Activate your service accepting the conditions of use
  • Ready! Now you can use your Rental Plan and Telcel number from your SmartWatch

With Apple Watch you can activate a maximum of two watches with the same line and with Galaxy Watch Active2 you can activate one watch on your line. If your line is business or corporate, contact your executive.

Take advantage of three months free

Activate the SmartWatch IoT service for only $ 99 pesos per month (VAT included) and receive
3 months of service at no cost.

Check here the Terms and Conditions.

Check the model of your smartwatch to see if it is compatible with the SmartWatch IoT service

How to activate Smartwatch iot with Telcel

  • From your Samsung smartphone check the model of your Galaxy Watch Active2 In: Galaxy Wearable App > About the watch > Model.
  • From your iPhone check the model of your Apple watch in: App Watch > general > information > Model.

How to activate Smartwatch iot with Telcel

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how to activate smartwatch IoT

Any questions?

Use the chat or dial free from your Telcel to * 111 (Rental Plan) or * 264 (Friend System). Attention: Monday to Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 365 days a year. Stay connected to #LaRedDeTusEmociones with your IoT SmartWatch and enjoy the benefits of your Telcel Income Plan.
how to activate SmartWatch IoT with Telcel

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