Add the weather forecast to the Windows 10 system tray

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Although there are many websites or applications that allow us to know the current state and weather forecast in our locality, we are going to show how to have this information always visible on Windows desktop. In this way, with a simple glance we can know if we have to leave the house very warm or not, take the umbrella, etc.

To do this, we are going to have to use a free tool known by the name of Tray Weather. It is an open source software that we can download from the following link to Github. Once downloaded, just click on the executable file that is saved on your computer and follow the steps requested by the installation wizard.

In just a few moments we will have the application installed on our computer, now, it is need to get an API key for the tool to work properly. If we run Tray Weather as soon as the installation is finished, we will see that a window is displayed in which it will automatically detect our exact location, although it is also possible to manually indicate the coordinates.

View the current time in the Windows 10 system tray


From that same screen we can also configure other details of the tool, such as the type of icon and information that will be displayed in the Windows 10 system tray, how often we want the time information, units of measure or subject to be updated.

Now, in order to see the current weather information in the Windows system tray, the first thing we have to do is get a service API key by Tray Weather. To do this, the first thing we have to do is visit the Open Weather site and create a free account.

Once we register, it will be necessary confirm our email address Through a link that will be sent to us at the address with which we registered and after a few minutes, we will receive the API key to activate Tray Weather. Of course, as we will be informed in the email that we will receive with the API, it may take about two hours to be activated, although it is normal that it is activated after a few minutes.

After that time, we can open the application, introduce the API, validate it and if everything goes well, configure the tool settings and click the OK button. From that moment on, we will see how the current weather information for our town is displayed in the system tray in the way we have previously personalized it. We can display an icon that represents the current time and temperature. Also, hovering the mouse pointer will display more information.

If we double click on the icon, a window with three tabs will also open where we can obtain all the information on the current weather.

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