After more than three years in conflict, Pati Chapoy uploaded a photograph with Atala Sarmiento: this was the conflict between the two drivers in Ventaneando

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The program Windowing, of Aztec TV, is celebrating 25 years on the air, and in recent days, its renowned host, Pati Chapoy, has sunk into nostalgia.

Through social networks, the 71-year-old Mexican journalist has remembered unique moments of the program, and has applauded the work of colleagues and former members who, with effort, made the evening show one of the most popular and best-rated spaces from national television.

And among photographs, fragments of interviews and emotional dedications, highlighted a publication by Instagram that went viral in a few hours.

In the image, which was shared this Saturday on her profile, Pati Chapoy poses in the forum with mythical characters from the history of Windowing, as Daniel Bisogno or Pedrito Sola. But what was most striking is that the snapshot also appears Atala Sarmiento, who left Azteca in 2018, after starring in a very controversial confrontation.

So, Chapoy explained that for more than eight months an attempt was made to negotiate a contract with Sarmiento Soler, but she did not want to renew and preferred to resign.

“She made the decision to resign, she resigned with the freedom we have, not just in this country but here in Aztec Television to decide if we want to continue working here or leave. She was the one who made the decision to leave. Yes, I want to make a comment. During those eight months that she did not want to sign the contract, she never approached me, never sat down to tell me “what do I want”, “what do I need”, what do I need “, revealed the Mexican driver.

The image that Pati Chapoy published this Saturday, January 9, on Instagram (Photo: Instagram I- @ patichapoy / D- @ atasarmiento)

However, the version of the 48-year-old entertainment journalist was very different. She reported that in Windowing they made it “pieces for more than a year”, and did not want it: “I will never return”, sentenced on social networks. “They have hit me a lot,” he added.

According to several specialized media, before leaving Aztec TV, Atala Sarmiento was seen in Televisa looking for a job. The news reached Pati Chapoy, who was upset and decided to ignore the collaborator during the broadcast of a program, a fact that was noticed by viewers.

“Yesterday when I was watching the program I realized, I said, Am I wrong, or are they no longer listening to Ata? “, wrote a user in a tweet addressed to Atala Sarmiento.

“No, you weren’t bad; it’s real that they didn’t listen to me ”, she replied.

From that moment, the legendary driver and her collaborator did not speak to each other. They crossed multiple accusations and attacks, and broke all relationship. Even, at that time, Pati Chapoy avoided making any allusion to Sarmiento Soler, who after the controversy worked on the program Intruders, from Televisa, and months later, he went to live in Spain.

On June 14, 2019, Atala Sarmiento closed a stage with "Intruders" (Instagram: atasarmiento)

For that reason, users were surprised to see Chapoy’s post on Instagram. A gesture that they interpreted as an attempt at reconciliation on the part of the driver.

“# 25 añosycontando @ventaneandouno @inesgomezmont @lagarcita @atalasarmiento @bisognodaniel @tiopedritosola”, wrote next to the photograph.

In less than 24 hours, the publication exceeded 9,000 likes and some people wanted Sarmiento to return to Windowing, and they thought that the tandem he made with Daniel Bisogno is missed.

“Missing Daniel Bisogno and Atala Sarmiento, those of now are not funny”; “They were the best team. My Ata is sorely needed. Now it’s worse ”; “Those were the best times and programs, they have let go of very talented people,” read the comments.

The nostalgic snapshot of Pati Chapoy, led to remember other former members who left the forum, such as Inés Gómez Mont, Juan José Origel, Pedrito Sola or Martha Figueroa. The latter also had a bad experience in Windowing, and although she assured that she left on “good terms” she explained that after this, her companions began to attack her.

“Pati called me one day and told me: ‘things changed a lot when you were away and the truth is that you did so well; he turned it over to me, It was so cool for you that we want you to have your own program and not be in Windowing, explained Figueroa on one occasion.

“The last day I left Pati’s office it was ‘oh, that it is great for you’ … And so I left, hug, kiss, they half took away the ice law to say goodbye to me and they applied it to me again. [Al día siguiente] They began to sound at me from all sides, they began to throw me horrible, and I began to defend myself. And I already told you, for doing my job well and because there were envies, it is not because it is unbearable and I do everything wrong, “he explained.

Although Pati Chapoy has not mentioned Martha Figueroa in her publications for the 25 years of the evening, she did label Daniel Bisogno, who after the controversy with Javier Ceriani has not returned to the forum of Aztec, since it would be “punished”.

For his part, so far Atala Sarmiento has not issued any statement on the publication of Pati Chapoy.

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