Air tanks, missiles and military vehicles at the Russian arsenal

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Brian Adam
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Russian forces regularly use inflated rockets, missiles and tanks. Photo: File

Moscow: The use of fake tanks, artillery, military vehicles and missile batteries, if all is permissible in war and love, is a favorite pastime of the Russian military.

Russian forces have long used inflatable tanks and other large weapons to deceive the enemy, and even today it is being used as an excellent tactic to burn the enemy. All of these weapons are spread out in hot air and look like rubber houses in a park and a jumping castle in which children play.

Russian children’s entertainment companies are building fake helicopters and missiles. A tank can weigh in tons, but an air-filled tank weighs only 90 kilograms, which is thousands of times cheaper than an actual war machine and looks just as real from afar.

Russian forces consider them the best weapons and they can be easily moved from one place to another. That is why Moscow considers them an important part of its arsenal. In many battles they have deceived the enemy and wasted his time.

“Forgery and deception are very important in military history,” says Alexei A. Kemarov, an engineer with Russia Bell. The company manufactures real-time fighter jets, rocket launchers, missiles, military tents and even radar stations. From a distance, they look very real. That’s why the company, which makes children’s toys and hot balloons, is now the largest company serving Russian forces.

Skills can be gauged by the fact that even today thermal radar and modern cameras are deceived by them. However, the T80 tank costs 16 16,000 (PKR 2.5 million). In World War II, the United States and its allies have been deceived by such counterfeit weapons. In the Kosovo war, Serb forces fooled their opponents with similar weapons.

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