Alexa comes to the Xiaomi Mi Watch: do you know how to install the assistant?

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Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly important because, among other things, have been able to adapt to practically all the ecosystems that exist. Although they started on mobile phones and tablets, they knew how to evolve to smart speakers, now some with screens and everything and, of course, smartwatches that millions of users carry around the world.

And there is nothing more comfortable than activating the Google assistant, or Siri, to ask the clock to start a countdown, or to set an alarm, or a simple notice to remind us of anything. Therefore, Xiaomi has understood that it is worth resorting to one of the three assistants who are currently leading the way in the market, such as Alexa, and whose watches until now had no alternative to start.

Prepare for its arrival at your watch

As it is, lThe Xiaomi Mi Watch will receive their particular portion of Alexa in the coming dates thanks to a software update that is already landing in a generalized way in a good part of the devices and regions in which they are sold outside of China, where the original model, the Xiaomi Watch Color Sports Edition, yes it had its own assistant owned by the company. But for obvious reasons, the brand has seen fit to use one of the most popular in the West for all those countries where they are also present.

Xiaomi Mi Watch.

Alexa will land on version 1.2.52 of the firmware of the Xiaomi Mi Watch of the international market and will allow us to link our Amazon account to keep all the skills already activated and that we use regularly with Echo devices, or with any other mobile or tablet where we have the official assistant app installed. In this way, it will be possible to ask for any information (traffic, weather, music, etc.) and even buy something inside the North American store.

In addition to that possibility of using Alexa inside the watch, the new update will also allow users to manage the camera from the Mi Watch, in such a way that they will be able to take photos by touching a button, in the image and likeness of what the Apple Watch, or the Mi Bands do, which technically turns our wrist into a remote control with which to obtain images without having to have the smartphone itself in hand. In addition to that photographic control, The Xiaomi Mi Watch will see two new spheres arrive as well as a much faster way to activate the time on the device, which will save us time.


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