Alfredo Adame accused Carlos Trejo of being linked to a gang of motorcycle scammers

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The controversial Carlos Trejo was accused of fraud and breach of trust by Alfredo Adame and the member of the Social Revolution of Michoacán collective, Guillermo Valencia, who claims that the ghost hunter “steals their vehicle from families” through fraudulent procedures on the Internet. According to what has been said, in this way the investigator of paranormal phenomena carries out various frauds with an alleged criminal gang for the theft of trucks and motorcycles.

“It is a form of fraud or breach of trust that is very common, in which entire families are robbed of their assets, sometimes a family’s assets are reduced to a vehicle, a motorcycle. When the victim puts their vehicles up for sale, these guys contact her and pay the price the victim asks. They do everything through fictitious bank deposits or phantom transfers. On three modalities: one, that they send you through WhatsApp a voucher apocryphal; another is through a deposit of a check with no funds, and another is through a transfer that they cancel ”, denounced Valencia in the program First hand and assured that he supported the victims, and that once the vehicles were recovered, he received insults and threats from Carlos Trejo, with whom he communicated by phone and who would be behind him. modus operandi.

“Obviously (Trejo) has a degree of participation in this criminal group, it seems that we affect the interests of this man because in what other way do you justify him putting himself in this plan to attack and defend us. I hope the authorities pay special attention to Carlos Trejo because he may be behind a criminal gang dedicated to virtual robbery and behind that gang there may be thousands of victims throughout the country, ”he added.

Valencia pointed out that Trejo’s alleged victims are people who in many cases go through financial hardships, which makes them prone to putting their belongings up for sale, highlighting the vileness with which the controversial ghost hunter allegedly acted.

“ One of the owners, of the all-terrain vehicle, has a butcher shop and due to the pandemic he decided to sell his vehicle to pay off his debts , and another of the victims, the motorcycle, his brother-in-law died and they sold the motorcycle to pay for hospital expenses and funerals, ”he said.

For his part, Alfredo Adame shared that he has received messages on his social networks from the alleged victims of Trejo, who could have a long history of these types of scams:

“ Facebooks and Instagrams rained on me that one of his assistants had been arrested in Morelia, Michoacán, because he had a stolen motorcycle, with a report of stolen. Four people spoke to me and told me that I had done the same to them, the fraud of stealing their motorcycles, ”he said.

Trejo assured that the accusations against him are part of an alliance between Valencia and Adame now that the actor is entering politics (Photo: File)Trejo assured that the accusations against him are part of an alliance between Valencia and Adame now that the actor is entering politics (Photo: File)

And is that knowing about the rivalry between the two characters, several people contacted the actor to make known the case where a deposit is simulated, the vehicle in question is sent to collect and in the end the amount “paid” is a deception .

“It is his modus operandi , I am not surprised at all, his modus vivendi , still yesterday I received some reports from Río Bravo, Tamaulipas, that he had gone to do his thing, to rob people,” Adame said in the broadcast.

For his part, Trejo also had the opportunity to defend himself briefly in the program and assured that everything is due to a slander, since Valencia would seek to become the governor of Michoacán, and his alleged alliance with Adame is political. Thus he dismissed the accusations against him:

“It would be absurd and stupid for anyone to release their vehicle with everything and papers without not having verified a deposit would be stupid, sick and crazy, what they are saying is a true lie,” he said

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