All about the new audio rooms on Facebook, your Clubhouse rival

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From now on, the voice becomes a fundamental strategic line for Facebook. We were aware that the social network was preparing its own audio chat tool to rival Clubhouse – and had even been testing an experimental app called Hotline – but now we know that audio will become the center of its strategy for the next few months, going far beyond launching their own audio chat rooms.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms will arrive in the summer, although they will not be available to all users at first

Facebook has presented a set of novelties that will take the voice above -on many occasions- the texts, images or video on the social network. The company has prepared a series of new products that it will launch in the coming months, in some cases, for all users, and in others, only for some of them, with which it will be possible to interact by voice on the social network and much more. They are as follows:

-Live Audio Rooms (Clubhouse’s rival): Facebook has finally given official and confirmed details of what its Clubhouse rival will be like. It will be an integrated function within the social network and not a separate application, and will arrive “next summer”, although Facebook has not provided a more exact date.

At first, it will be the Groups -also strategic for the company- and the most relevant people and influencers on the social network who can test the Live Audio Rooms, in a strategy similar to that carried out by the company when it launched the Live, the live video broadcasts, which were first reserved for a few privileged users.

Live Audio Room Facebook

The Live Audio Rooms will also be launched on Messenger, and users will be able to chat with their friends, and as a novelty, the conversations can be recorded and distributed. There will also be the possibility of charging to access the rooms, either on a specific basis or by offering users the possibility of subscribing to all the content that is developed.

In addition, Live Audio Rooms users will have access to the Stars program, the Facebook feature that allows you to send tips to relevant and well-known people. Thus, small donations can be made to the creators of audio chat rooms.

These two possibilities would constitute the first ways to monetize the service and allow Live Audio Rooms creators to earn money, something similar to what Clubhouse has already begun to test.

-Fund for creators. Facebook has also indicated that it is creating a Fund for Audio Makers with the idea of ​​providing help to prominent users to create content in the new functionality. It is a way of attracting users who may be relevant in other audiochat apps, offering them advantages or even financial compensation. Clubhouse has also been experimenting in this regard.

-Soundbites. Facebook will launch a new tool that will allow users to easily cut and create small audio clips, thus sharing a statement with other users or posting it on social media. All kinds of effects, background music, etc … can be added to make creative pieces.

In this functionality, an algorithm will even be developed so that the most popular audio clips have more reach and can be viralized. Although the contents will also be displayed in the user’s update feed, there will be a specific tab for them on Facebook. Get ready for the age of audio “memes.”

Soundbites app Facebook

-Podcasts. Facebook also does not want to be left out of the podcast business, which is already strategic for other companies such as Spotify or Amazon. For this reason, the social network is going to start showing recommendations for podcast programs for users to know and share with their friends. In addition, it will partner with Spotify to be able to include a player within the platform, in the users’ update feed, so that they can listen to the best Spotify podcasts whenever they want.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, more than 170 million people follow a podcast Page on Facebook, and more than 35 million people make up a Group related to podcasts. The social network wants to become a strategic community for the advancement and dissemination of content by voice.

If you want to know more about the audio news of Facebook, you can see the video that the social network has distributed