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Facebook has announced the closure of Facebook Analytics, its reporting and statistics service for Company Pages, which will be withdrawn from June 30, 2021. This has been confirmed by the company through its official support page and has also started to send an email to all corporate users to announce the decision.

Facebook will withdraw Facebook Analytics on June 30

The fact that Facebook Analytics is not available from that date does not mean that the social network will leave users without any possibility of monitoring their accounts, forcing them to use an external monitoring tool. Facebook is simply making changes to its measurement products and will make other tools available to users so that they continue to know the reach and interactions of their publications, among other metrics.

In the meantime, until June 30, users will be able to continue accessing reports, exporting graphs and tables, and exploring statistics. You can also export your Facebook Analytics data to a CSV file by accessing from your computer and clicking on the arrow icon located in the upper right corner of each graph.

Until that date, you will also be able to consult the tips and clues that Facebook provides in an automated way to Facebook Analytics users. Once June 30 arrives, Facebook users will have to use other company tools to understand their presence on the social network.

-Facebook Business Suite: From this tool, renewed by Facebook a few months ago, you can manage all the business accounts that are used on both Facebook and Instagram.

From it you can consult detailed statistics on the audience, content and trends. The main problem today is that it is not available to all users, but it is expected that it will be before June 30, when Facebook Analytics closes.

-Admin Manager: It is another Facebook tool in which you can obtain all kinds of information and statistics about the campaigns and advertisements that are active or that have been carried out on Facebook. You can also make changes, check the results, establish business objectives …

-Events Manager. This is where corporate tools like the Facebook pixel or the conversions API can be configured and managed. From here you will be able to know the actions that have been carried out on the web or physical store and that have their origin in Facebook.

With these three tools, Facebook wants to centralize the monitoring of data from its platform. As we say, you can always use other external tools if you wish to complete your statistics and reports, selecting the one that best suits your needs and, if it is paid, your budget.


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