Amazon experiments with a Prime Video ‘mobile-only’ subscription

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We all know that the Amazon Prime Video service, at least in Spain and in practically all the countries in which it is present, is not paid through monthly rates but is part of the package of being a Prime user of the online store . You only have to make an annual payment of 36 euros to have all free shipments within its platform and take us, incidentally, all the series and movies of its streaming service.

But although that model seems already consolidated and is not going to change, those of Jeff Bezos have decided to go a step further by creating your first mobile rate for the Prime Video service only, so it is not mandatory to have a Prime subscription to enjoy all its content. It has happened in India, a country in which Netflix has also been experimenting with this type of offer for some time.

Only for one user and SD quality

For just a few hours, users in India have been surprised that they can contract Amazon’s streaming video service without having to pay for a Prime subscription. Only by subscribing to the contents of series and movies thanks to an agreement that the Americans have signed with one of the operators in that country, Airtel.

New mobile rate for Prime Video (i).

Prime Video Mobile Edition is the name chosen to offer two different mobile prepaid alternatives that users in India can hire: on the one hand the cheapest, “Plan 1”, with costs one euro (89 rupees) and allows viewing of all content in standard quality (SD) for a single device and user, and with a duration of 28 days; on the other, there is the so-called “Plan 2” which is more expensive, costs 3.35 euros (299 rupees), offers the same in terms of number of mobile phones and users but improves the range of calls and mobile data available for consumption.

Actually, it’s about an offer attached to two mobile rates so it is not, in itself, a unique television offer. Be that as it may, this separation that Amazon has made of a service that is marketed jointly in the West, as part of a much larger pack thanks to being members of the Prime community, is still curious. Perhaps the success of this initiative marks the possibility of seeing a Prime Video mobile-only rate? We will see…

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