Amazon launches its music service with HD quality that you can try for free

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Although they are not the majority in the market, HD or high definition music is making its way among those users to whom the standard encodings of platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and many others do not seem to offer enough quality. So that they spend a lot of money buying all kinds of amps, speakers and players who seek to achieve the best sound quality technologically possible.

Amazon Music is not a new service, but Jeff Bezos’s have decided to finally launch their high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (HD) service. An alternative to standard quality (SD) that gains in volume and sharpness to open the doors of a world that, when tested, can no longer be turned back.

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With this decision, Amazon stands next to TIDAL, Deezer or Qobuz in the race to win a place among the platforms that offer HD quality in millions of his musical themes. In addition, and in line with other services of the company, they will not skimp on expenses and for that reason they have opened a trial period that extends over 90 days. Three months, so if you subscribe today, you won’t have to pay anything until December 10.

HD and UHD music quality vs standard.

This trial period is only available for monthly paid subscriptions and does not apply to annual ones. Once this grace period is over, the cost of the service will be 14.99 (149 per year) euros, which is in line with other competitors in this high definition music market. If you prefer to get a family plan, for five more members, the cost will not rise too much since it is offered at a price of 19.99 euros (199 per year).

Before making the leap to this HD, or UHD, quality from Amazon Music, You must bear in mind that both the player, the speakers or the headphones must be compatible with this technology, so before subscribing this plan, keep it in mind, so as not to waste the free trial period. Remember that the bit rates change, as well as the reproduction frequencies, so not just any device will serve you.

To give you an idea of ​​the difference, a song in SD quality only takes up 9MB, while the lossless HD at 44.1kHz increases to 51. But that is not the thing, if you opt for the UHD standard the weight shoots up to 153 megabytes, information that you must take into account if, for example, you want to listen to music on the street pulling the data of your mobile flat rate .