Amazon launches Ring Alarm: cheap alarm and always online

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ring alarm spain

Ring is one of the most innovative brands when it comes to home security. In September, Amazon introduced devices like a drone security camera that automatically moves around the house, so that we can monitor any room with a single camera. Now, they have decided to launch in Spain Ring Alarm, his new alarm system easy to install and affordable.


From today, Ring Alarm it is already available in Spain. This new low cost security system is easy to install and does not require a specialized technician to install it. In addition, it has no commitment to stay and adapts to the needs of each home. This system thus joins the video doorbells and security cameras that Ring already sells in Spain.

Ring Alarm available in Spain for 299 euros

The configuration of the Ring Alarm is very simple, since it is done from the Ring app itself and is compatible with the entire range of the company’s security products. All you have to do is connect the Base station by WiFi or Ethernet to our router, and place the sensors where we want. With Ring Alarm we have two types of sensors: those for windows or doors, with a magnetic system that is activated when they are opened, or classic motion detectors. Thanks to this, you can receive alerts on your mobile when a window or door is opened, or when any type of movement is detected. When something is detected, the siren is activated from the keypad of the Ring Alarm, which can be activated through the keypad or from the app.

When the alarm sounds, all Ring cameras automatically wake up to record, even if they have not detected motion. In addition, it is compatible with Alexa and you can activate or deactivate the alarm with your voice, as well as know its status.

The Ring Alarm kit costs 299 euros, which, although it may seem expensive, is amortizes in six months with respect to traditional alarm services. The base kit includes:

  • Base station
  • Keyboard
  • Contact sensor (for a window or door)
  • Movement detector
  • Range extender

Assisted Monitoring: 4G for an always connected alarm

Additionally, you can hire Ring Protect Plus with Assisted Monitoring for 10 euros per month, which includes optional mobile data backup and up to 30 days of video storage to be able to see them at all times. With Assisted Monitoring you can choose three emergency contacts who receive automatic calls in case the Ring Alarm user does not respond. In addition, you have backup data through 4G if the fixed Internet network suffers a fall. You can also enjoy an extended warranty with Ring Protect Plus, as well as a 10% discount on future purchases from Ring.com devices.

Ring Alarm is available from today in Spain on Amazon and on the official Ring website at ring.com/alarm, with different packs of 5, 7, 9 and 10 components, where each pack adds motion and door / window sensors, being able to buy the most complete pack that includes 3 motion sensors and 4 door / window sensors for 449 euros in total. We can buy the 4 kits in the following link.

5-Piece Ring Alarm Kit – Home Security System with Optional Assisted Surveillance – No Long-Term Commitment – Alexa Compatible
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