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«Among Us» filters a new map while waiting for more news

Among Us 1.jpg
Among Us 1.jpg

InnerSloth, the creator of «Among Us», one of the online multiplayer games for mobile phones that has become fashionable in the second part of this year 2020, has confirmed that “Among Us 2” will not be released, a second title from the same game, but all efforts are now focused on releasing extensions for the hit title.

InnerSloth has published on its new Twitter account dedicated to «Among Us» what would be the new map, which it will present in more detail at the «Games Awards» on December 10

These are expected to arrive in the coming weeks, possibly in the vicinity of the celebration of the «Game Awards», on December 10th, the so-called «Oscars» of the Video Game sector, in which «Among Us» has two nominations: one for “Best Multiplayer” and one for “Best Mobile Game.” This event will take place online, without the presence of people but with live broadcasts from different cities around the world such as Los Angeles, London and Tokyo.

But to whet your appetite, InnerSloth has revealed what will be a new map that will soon be incorporated into «Among Us». The video game has published it on the new Twitter account, which it will use to report progress and news about the title. Just opened, the first publication shows, in a single image, what would be part of the new map that will come to this video game.

Despite the fact that it was announced in September that a new map would be released, it was only explained a little about its theme, which would revolve around “Henry Stickmin”, an anthology collection game that is also distributed by InnerSloth … gave more details.

Now in the aforementioned Twitter account, reference has been made to this new map, where there is an image in which a cockpit that controls what appears to be a large structure can be seen. However, nothing is known: if it can navigate the seas, fly through space or transit the land. Also, there is a scenography with screens and a central seat where perhaps the captain of this “transport” or the impostor sits, posing as the chief of command.

This new map joins the three already existing, and fans of the popular video game are already launching their theories to identify what new challenges and hours of fun it will provide. We will still have to wait a few weeks for its official launch and the arrival of news to «Among Us», yes, to the original title, since the second part has been canceled.