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An Android mobile consumes 260MB / month of mobile data even if it is not used

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Analisis Pixel 4a Teknofilo 12.jpg

Google has been sued for unauthorized consumption of mobile data on Android smartphones, which send information to its servers. The lawsuit has been filed in a US federal court and maintains that Google is abusing the limited mobile data plans of Android users without permission to transmit information about those people that is not related to Google services. Plaintiffs are concerned about data sent to Google’s servers that is not the result of deliberate interaction with the mobile device – it is passive or background data transfers over the mobile data network. Google designed and implemented its Android operating system and applications to extract and transmit large volumes of information between Plaintiffs’ cellular devices and Google using Plaintiffs’ mobile data plans Google’s misappropriation of plaintiffs’ cellular data Plaintiffs using passive transfers occurs in the background, is not the result of Plaintiffs ‘direct interaction with Google applications and properties on their devices and occurs without the Plaintiffs’ consent. Android users have to accept four agreements to participate in the Google ecosystem: Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Google Play Agreement, and Google Play Terms of Service. None of them, according to court records, reveals that Google spends users’ mobile data for these background transfers. To substantiate the allegations, the plaintiff’s attorney tested a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android, with a Google account and with the default settings, and found that when left idle, without a Wi-Fi connection, the phone ‘sent and received 8 88MB / day of data, and 94% of those communications were between Google and the device. The device, at rest, with all applications closed, transferred data to Google about 16 times per hour, or about 389 times in 24 hours. In total, 260MB of data is exchanged per month between the mobile phone and Google’s servers.

Putting aside the question of what is streamed, that 260MB translates to spending about $ 2 per month based on the average price of $ 8 per GB of data in the US, if the device is disconnected from Wi-Fi. -Fi all the time. Assuming half of that data is outbound, Google would receive about 4.4MB per day or 130MB per month for each device. An iPhone with Apple’s Safari browser open in the background only transmits a tenth of that amount to Apple, according to the lawsuit. Much of the data transmitted is logs about network availability, open applications, and other operating system metrics. Google could have delayed the transmission of these files until the Wi-Fi connection was available, but it chooses to spend the data of the users’ mobile to be able to collect data at all hours. The complaint claims that Google conducts these data transfers to improve its advertising business, sending “tokens” that identify users for targeted advertising and preloading ads that generate revenue even if they are never shown. “Users often never see these preloaded ads, even though their mobile data has already been used up to download Google ads,” according to the complaint.