An army of one million four-legged microscopic robots

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In this picture you can see the microscopic robot that was imagined by an artist. Photo: NewScientist

Pennsylvania: If you want to explore the world of microscopes, there are heaps of microscopic robots that can be seen in the video below.

Although earlier microscopic robots have been built, they have not been able to move on their own. But now Mark Miskin of the University of Pennsylvania has developed a consignment of millions of solar-powered microscope robots.

To do this, they have developed a brand new actuator made of a very thin layer of platinum metal. Earlier, it was not possible to make micrometer scale actuators. When these thin actuators turn, the simple robot moves forward.

The solar cells on the back of the square robot deliver energy to it. The robot moves slowly in response to the laser beam, which can also be seen in the video. Mark says you can rotate the robot wherever you want. These robots have been built under the exact circuit board designing technology and in the first phase, one million robots have been developed.

Each of these robots is equal to one-tenth of a millimeter and has to be viewed under a microscope. At the moment, these robots only move in one direction, but according to Mark, in the next phase, the same robots will be fitted with a variety of sensors that will be able to do different things. They will then be controlled for specific tasks through programming.

Now let’s talk about their practical aspects, they can be used in the human body for medical purposes. On the other hand, an army of microscopic robots can do many things.

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