An electric version of the World War II Jeep on Alibaba? For $ 1,700 you can get one

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Alibaba is one of those places where you can find things of all kinds at an affordable price. Now some media have echoed electric version of the World War II Jeep sold on this Chinese website at an overwhelming price. We will tell you.

East small electric jeep It has a 1.2 kW continuous power motor and a top speed of 40 km / h (25 mph). This Chinese electric version is not as capable as the original American military vehicle. It supports a maximum load of 230 kg (507 lb), and its most surprising price, the price: $ 1,280.

Alibaba sells electric version of WWII jeep for $ 1,700

Electric Chinese version of the Jeep on Alibaba Alibaba

In another article, we told you that a mini electric van was being sold on Alibaba. Now, this week the Chinese wholesaler has put on sale an electric version of the World War II Jeep as they tell us in Electrek.

This is one mini version of the famous Jeep and its configuration is very basic, since it has a 1.2 kW continuous power motor that reaches a maximum speed of 40 km / h. Nothing comparable to the original vehicle of the brand that was an off-road vehicle.

Still, as seen in different videos, the performance shown by this mini off-road car is more than worthy for its size, remembering that it is offered for a very low price. As indicated in its specifications, the vehicle is manufactured to admit two people with one maximum load 230 kg. Its standard electric version, has a 60V / 42Ah (2.5 kWh) lithium-ion battery and a has a range of 80 km range, not bad to have fun for a while. And all this at a ridiculous price, for just a few $ 1,700 (with shipping costs included).

Is it advisable to buy this type of product?

If we echo what was explained on the electric vehicle portal, Electrek, we must be very careful and read everything to the millimeter. If you buy this vehicle, you should know that it surely does not comply with the homologation regulations from many countries, so you will not be able to use it outside a private area.

These types of purchases from the AliExpress platform are more geared towards retail. Buying on Alibaba is often an odyssey for many users who are not experts. This is because it takes a lot of careful communication to make sure the purchase is exactly what is expected.

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