An unopened original copy of Super Mario Bros. sells for $ 660,000

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Super Mario Bros. is many things: one of the most popular video games of all time, Nintendo’s most recognizable franchise, the undisputed father of the 2D platformer genre … And now it’s also one of those record-setting collector’s items, after an unopened copy sold for $ 660,000.

As it is: $ 660,000 Is it what some passionate person has paid? pocket money, or simply an investor, for an unsealed American copy of Super Mario Bros., the original title for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, the investor hypothesis makes more sense, considering that another copy of the same game was sold a couple of years ago for more than $ 100,000.

In the latter case, we are also talking about a copy of the first ones that were launched in the United States towards the end of 1985, when the game reached the market in that country, while in this one we are dealing with a later edition dating from end of the following year, as confirmed by the firm that has verified the status and origin of an article that it cost six times as much.

Super Mario Bros.

This Super Mario Bros. cartridge has cost a whopping $ 660,000

It is said that Super Mario Bros. It had up to eleven editions in the United States alone, with slightly different box designs for each. This in particular would be one of the first and according to the history that the media collects, it would be «a Christmas present that sat unopened in a drawer for nearly four decades«. It was put up for auction and the owner will pocket $ 550,000.

How many copies of Super Mario Bros. or other classic games of the time will there still be unopened out there? It is not known. But the title was a best seller at the time, so the final amount is striking. Last year, for example, the only Nintendo PlayStation model on record sold for $ 360,000 of the wing.

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