Android 11 ends with one of the most useful functions of Google Maps

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Google Maps is an inexhaustible source of information for millions of users who, every day, need directions to get anywhere and, in addition, search and find all kinds of businesses, companies, premises, etc. But there is a feature, which is almost as old as the mobile platform, that is even more useful when we meet friends and want to know where they are going.

Effectively, we are referring to sharing our location in real time So that all of us who have stayed know, more or less, how much we each have to get to the appointment. An extremely useful function that has been penetrating among users over the years and that Android 11 has been responsible for breaking with a stroke of the pen. Well, we cannot say that it has managed to eliminate it completely, but as it is right now it is practically useless.

Where are the links?

As some users have begun to report in Google’s own forums, has been installing Android 11 on their smartphones and seeing how most of these functions disappeared, leaving only three possibilities as an alternative to share our location, which are the ones you can see just below: bluetooth, nearby connections (Nearby Share) with other devices and copy a link to the clipboard. No trace of the shortcuts and links to WhatsApp, messages, email, Telegram, etc., as you can see in the screenshot on the right that, although it belongs to iOS, it is very similar to that of a Google Maps in a Android 10 or lower.

Functions cut in Android 11 (i) vs the usual ones in iOS or Android (d).

After posting that first message with the test capture, many users began to respond that they were in the same situation And, as a pattern of behavior, Android 11 was always indicated as the main responsible, since this problem had arrived after installing the operating system update. Remember that the new OS began to reach compatible devices just a week ago, when Google released the update on all those terminals that have a stock installation, that is, totally clean, as distributed by the company itself.

At this time Google has not communicated anything about this problem, if it had any kind of evidence of it or when you will address your arrangement. So if you are one of those who regularly use this tool, you will have to wait for a solution to arrive via an update that, for now, has no confirmed date. If you need to keep sharing your location for whatever reason, you can use the WhatsApp alternative, which works very well.