Android 12 is coming: many new features and all new graphics

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Android 12 now seems to be imminent, at least as regards the Developer Preview. We assess the situation.

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special Android 12 is coming: many new functions and all new graphics

A year has already passed since our test of the first Android 11 Developer Preview. The latter is slowly reaching the various users’ devices, but in the meantime for the insiders it’s time to start talking seriously about Android 12.
The first DP has yet to arrive, but last year it was released at the end of February and so it could be close. In any case, despite the absence of the Developer Preview, a lot of information about the next major release of the green robot has already leaked online. This means we can take a first closer look at the direction Google seems to want to take.

Android 12: change of design and gaming mode?

The most obvious novelty of Android 12 that emerged in the first rumors is the change of course in terms of design. In fact, apparently the Mountain View company would have decided to adopt the Material Next style, focusing on a theme called “Silk”. The latter promises radical changes to the graphical interface of the operating system.
In this case, the images describe the graphic style better than a thousand words, but you should know that the most important innovations seem to reside in the conversation widget, which allow you to quickly see and manage missed calls, messages and more. For the rest, there are rumors of greater attention to privacy, through notifications and indicators relating to the use of permissions by apps. Apparently, you can also disable the microphone and camera completely.
There also seem to be a renewed notification curtain and other general changes related to the look of the OS, from the customization options of the clock to the ability to easily create custom themes. There would then be a feature to launch multiple apps together.

For the rest, another big issue that has been discussed in recent days is the possibility that BigG will implement a native gaming mode made as it should be. There aren’t actually many details about this feature, other than the fact that the Mountain View company would be willing to “push the accelerator” on this world, also implementing a feature that alerts the player when their Bluetooth controller is low on charge. residual. There are also rumors of the arrival of more levels of vibration.

There should also be an option to reduce the brightness, probably designed to make improvements in terms of accessibility, as well as a smarter rotation of the contents on the screen. In fact, currently the automatic rotation of the display uses different sensors, from the gyroscope to the accelerometer. However, sometimes there may be some inaccuracy: Android 12 seems to finally want to solve this “problem”, also using data from the front camera.

A native way to use the smartphone with one hand would also be in the works. Apparently the latter reduces the size of the contents on the screen by 40% and we can imagine that it will be a feature similar to what has already been seen on other shores. Other minor novelties would be represented by a new gesture system to manage the size of the PiP window (Picture in Picture), a feature relating to extended screenshots and some improvements designed to make the use of “bubble” notifications more enjoyable.

In short, already from this “primordial” contact with Android 12 the desire of Google to file its operating system seems to emerge. However, it’s not just about improving what has already been done in the past. In fact, between renewed design, gaming mode and much more, the next major release of the green robot seems to aim for an important renewal.
For the rest, it also leaked the alleged codename of the OS: Snow Cone (you can see this “granita” in the image below).

Columbus, the double tap gesture system on the back, could also make a welcome “return”. Finally, remember that Android 12 should simplify system updates. It should also be emphasized that so far not even the developers have yet had the opportunity to get their hands on the operating system and the information simply derives from leaks that have appeared online, which could also prove to be not entirely truthful. In fact, it seems that the screenshots that have been around the world are taken from material used by Google to “anticipate” the news of Android 12 to some smartphone manufacturer.

It could therefore be “promotional” images, which use a different style from what will actually be seen in the major release. In short, we can’t wait to get our hands on the Android 12 “Snow Cone” Developer Preview, so that we can begin to understand if the information that emerged online can actually have a real confirmation in Google’s vision. In 2020, the night in which all the professionals and the most “geek” users were able to install the DP1 was that of February 19. There are, therefore, a few hours to the possible “highlight”: we’ll see.

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