Android could add support to the vibration of the controls

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Android could add support to the vibration of the controls

More and more users are playing on their Android phones using a I send, like that of the PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, especially now that thanks to Stadia or Geforce Now we can play console and PC games on our Android.

The Android operating system currently supports console controllers and any HID gamepad, but what currently does not support is vibration, but this could change in the next version of Android.

Android could add support to the vibration of the controls

Stadia controller

During the last months there are more and more complaints from users that there is a lack of vibration in the controls. More and more quality games arrive and the gaming experience is not complete when playing with a controller because you cannot enjoy the vibration. For example, on Stadia the vibration only works with your official controller. Y all those complaints have made Google reconsider.

In March 2019 a user reported that lack of compatibility problem and a few weeks later a Google employee after consulting with the Android team answered “Status: It will not be solved (Obsolete)” but in July of this year another user reported again that problem to which Google recently replied that “the feature will be considered for a future release”.

This means that the Android team will study if they add support to the vibration of the controls in the next versions, but it does not guarantee that it will come true in Android 12. Google should add this compatibility so demanded by users who play Android games or streaming game services with a controller and want to enjoy that more immersive experience that vibration offers.

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