Another 4.2 million workers apply for unemployment insurance in the US

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People wait to be tested for the coronavirus in the US / Efe
People wait to be tested for coronavirus in the USA / Efe

More than 26 million people have lost their jobs in the last five weeks in the North American country

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Another 4.2 million workers applied for unemployment insurance last week in the United States.or that supposes that more than 26 million people have lost their jobs in the last five weeks, reported Thursday the Department of Labor.

The pace of motivated requests in the Covid-19 pandemic, however, has slowed, with 5.24 million requests in the week ending April 11, compared to 6.61 million the previous week.

The average weekly requests in the last four weeks rose to 5.78 million in which it closed on April 18, compared to the average of 5.50 million the previous week.

The report shows that the number of people receiving unemployment insurance payments rose from 11.91 million in the week ending April 4 to 15.97 million last week.

Unemployment Benefit Applications have broken all historical records since the beginning of March the United States began to feel the impact of the pandemic on its economy, which has led to the suspension of a large part of economic activities and the seclusion of the population in their homes.

Congress approved and President Donald Trump enacted a set of economic relief measures in the amount of more than $ 2.3 trillion, which includes portions to support unemployment insurance benefits and support companies, especially small and medium so that they can continue to pay their employees.

For its part, the Federal Reserve announced the unlimited purchase of Treasury bills and mortgage securities to keep money costs as low as possible in an effort to ensure that financial markets continue to function properly.

The Covid-19 pandemic has already caused more than 842,000 infections in the United States, while deaths are close to 47,000.

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