The number of people receiving the Covid-19 pandemic unemployment payment (PUP) dropped significantly this week, a reflection of the re-opening of the economy.

The PUP has received 67,300 fewer shares over the past week, the biggest drop yet since different sectors of the economy began to reopen.

The highest payment rate was 598,000, in early May, but the number of people now receiving it was 345,600, a decrease of 42% over that period.

But today is the deadline for people who want to continue payment. This must be verified with the Department of Social Protection, by registering your entitlement to it at Everyone on PUP has so far received € 350 a week, regardless of your weekly pay before March 16th.

But from this week, anyone earning € 200 a week or less before the pandemic will get € 203 a week.

95,000 people will be affected by this change in the scheme.

Along with the 345,600 people on PUP, another 229,000 are on unemployment benefit and 410,000 people are in receipt of State-subsidized pay through the Temporary Employment Subsidy Scheme.