Apple Arcade expands its catalog with classic iOS games

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Brian Adam
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Apple Arcade, Apple’s game subscription service does not seem to finish taking off. And it is a shame, because as a proposal it is very interesting, and that its scope reaches not only portable devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), but also the rest of the Cupertino equipment (Macs and AppleTV), added to a quota monthly for a fairly reasonable price, make up the wickers for a proposal that could be quite successful among users of brand devices.

In case you don’t know, Apple Arcade offers unlimited access to a catalog of complete games, without advertising or microtransactions. The games are downloaded to the device, so it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet to use them and, the catalog is renewed from time to time, in addition to that some titles are highlighted in the different App Stores, so that users can discover games that may interest them.

On the negative side? Without a doubt, the main reproach that I, not as a professional who writes about technology but as a user, is that the catalog is no longer visible. You can see all the games, of course, from the Apple Arcade section of the App Stores, but there is no web page where we can quickly and comfortably consult the list, see additional information about the games, and so on. Also, as many of the games have been designed exclusively for Apple Arcade, a risky bet, since they do not have prior recognition and, therefore, they are not so attractive for many users.

A few months ago, with the launch of Apple One, those in Cupertino proposed a new path to Apple Arcade, as it is from the services found in Apple’s unified subscription. Still, I know of several people who have signed up for Apple One, but they hardly use Apple Arcade. I do not know if it is due to the lack of visibility of the catalog, the lack of recognizable titles, the mixture of both or for some other reason that escapes me.

It seems, however, that in Cupertino they have realized that the lack of recognizable titles may be playing against Apple Arcade, and today they have announced a very intelligent measure, and that is that it has not only undertaken the largest expansion of the catalog of the service to date, and that now already has more than 180 games, but also part of them are very, very recognizable since we are talking about great classics in the history of iOS games.

Games like Threes, Mini Metro, Monument Valley, Fruit Ninja Classic, Cut the Rope Remastered, and Badland, some of which are still for sale in the App Store, will also be part of the Apple Arcade catalog, and it is understood that the company will be in charge of promoting the presence of these titles in the service in multiple ways, to see if this way, finally, users begin not to arrive, but above all to use the game subscription service on a regular basis.

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