Apple could only ship 15 million iPhones 12 in 2020

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Apple could only ship 15 million iPhones 12 in 2020

The coronavirus has caused quite a few hitches to all large companies, including electronics giants such as Apple. Attempts to limit the damage caused by the health emergency are failing and the launch date of the iPhone 12 is increasingly postponed. But these are not the only numbers that disturb those concerned.

In fact, according to a DigiTimes study, Apple would have decreased unit production from 30-40 million to 15-20 million for 2020. This is because the Asian suppliers of the components needed to produce the iPhone 12 would not be optimistic.

As reported by the English site, “The production and shipping of the new iPhone with 5G support has intensified the competition between Apple suppliers. The launch [of iPhone 12] is expected in late 2020 but these partners are now much less optimistic than before. “

Apple, therefore, not seeing enough positive feedback from Taiwan and China, would have tried first to decrease the number of units to be produced and then involve Chinese companies more closely in assembling iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch and even iPhone. In doing so, according to DigiTimes, Apple would hope to cut costs and increase its influence on the Chinese market.

This report, however, is to be taken with pliers. The study would have been carried out by contacting internal sources of the companies involved in the investigation but without further data or official confirmations.

The choice to decrease the units to be launched on the market, however, would also make sense in the light of the economic impact of the lockdown caused by the coronavirus. As has also been seen in Italy, this new crisis has led to a drop in sales of electronic devices and many other goods. So even bigger companies like Samsung fear possible relapses.