Apple Maintains iPad Pro 2021 Announcement Despite MiniLED Shortage

ipad pro 2021 1000x600.jpg
ipad pro 2021 1000x600.jpg

Expected for last March, and still doubtful for this month of April, for months we have seen the accumulation of rumors and leaks that pointed to the arrival of a new generation of the iPad Pro 2021, with the main change and update of its screen technology, unfortunately without going to OLEDs yet, but yes making the leap to the miniLED panel.

Displays that seem to be not so easy to produce during these times, having already begun to notice lower production volumes, and that like the absence of silicon for GPUs, could end up resulting in a shortage of the products they depend on. of these panels.

However, according to reports from Bloomberg, although Apple’s main miniLED suppliers have not been able to avoid this problem, it seems that Apple will go ahead with the announcement of the new iPad Pro 2021 miniLED, which are expected to be officially presented this week.

And is that only the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will equip this new panel, so the company would be willing to delay the shipping dates of this device instead of changing its entire calendar. A strategy that we already saw in two of its other flagship products, the iPhone X and iPhone 12, which also faced various production problems, cannot keep up with its program.

ipad Pro 2021 miniLED

Everything we know about the iPad Pro 2021 miniLED

The iPad Pro 2021 is shaping up to be a pretty revolutionary portable computing device this year, even without a Mini-LED display. And it is that these devices have always lived up to their “last name”, offering impressive power, sometimes equaling or surpassing laptops and desktops.

Although on an aesthetic level the exterior design will also remain identical than its predecessor, this new tablet will integrate the new A14X processor, the best SoC seen on iOS to date, which could offer similar performance to the Apple M1s equipped in their latest computers; in addition to other notable changes such as the upgrade to a USB-C Thunderbolt port to support connectivity to new peripherals such as monitors.

As we have seen in the multiple leaks accumulated to date, the iPad Pro 2021 will arrive under two models, with a first 11-inch variant that it will keep dimensions exactly the same as the 2020 model (245.7 x 176.6 x 5.9 mm); Y a second 12.9-inch device it will increase very slightly in dimensions, up to 280.6 x 215 x 6.4 millimeters.