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Go that Apple gives something to talk about every day. Now interesting design changes are speculated for iOS 15 and a sample of it is the icon change for the Apple Music app for artists. In addition to the fixes and performance improvements, what was noticed the most was the icon change. Leave the colorful background icon behind to make way for a red music note with a white background, the shape is very similar to the style of macOS Big Sur icons. Will the same thing happen for users’ Apple Music and the rest of the icons in iOS 15?

Is there a major design change coming in iOS 15? Apple Music gives a suspicion of it

The raised aspect is the most striking of the icon, in addition to leaving all that multicolored mixture from before. The icon will be the most striking thing from now on, remember that the current style of icons are mostly as if they were simple images. The shapes are not very flashy on Apple icons, something that certainly sets itself apart from some custom icons on Android. If this turns out to be a suspicion of a design change in the icons of iOS 15, Apple could give its users a new look in terms of customizing your devices.

In case you were wondering, Apple Music for artists is a dedicated app for have the performance information of their musical works on the platforms. You can see records in Apple Music, iTunes and Shazam.

Another app that has received a facelift in terms of its icon is App Store Connect. The style is quite similar, the raised look is what attracts the most attention.

If they are changed in macOS Big Sur, why not in iOS 15?

This is a question that I ask you, dear readers. It seems to me that Apple should give a twist to the design of its mobile operating system. It happened at the time from iOS 6 to iOS 7 and then it was returned to the current style in iOS 8 (which is the basis of the main design except for some extra changes).

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