Apple rejects 40,000 submissions to the App Store every week

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The CEO Tim cook pointed out this Monday that Manzana rejects a large percentage of applications submitted to the App Store, and argues that supervision is necessary to keep iPhones safe.

Managing the App Store is difficult

Cook was answering questions about actions by government regulators around the world that could lead to Apple being forced to allow competing software stores.

Cook spoke on Monday’s episode of podcast, Sway.

He noted that running an iPhone software store is not easy. “In any given week, 100,000 apps go into app review. 40,000 of them are rejected. Most of them are rejected because they don’t work or they don’t work the way they say they work, ”Cook said. “Can you imagine what would happen to the App Store if the curatorship disappeared in a very short time ”.

Kara Swisher, who hosts the podcast of Sway, asked why there could not be app stores run by other companies or organizations. Tim Cook’s answer is essentially that Apple created the iPhone app ecosystem and deserves to capitalize on it. “Apple has helped build an economy of more than half a trillion dollars a year, half a trillion, and it takes a small portion of that for the innovation it unleashed and the expense of running the store,” said the CEO.

Cook: Apple is not a burden on app developers

Tim Cook also argued that cutting income from the App Store Apple is not egregious. “Like, 85% of people pay zero commission. And then with our recent move with small developers, developers who make less than a million dollars a year pay 15%. Well, it turns out that’s the vast majority of developers, ”Cook said.

Cook is absolutely opposed to allowing users to install applications directly. “If you had direct facilities, you would break the privacy and security model.”

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