Apple Reveals Hidden Interests Behind Epic Games Lawsuit: Wanted to Publicize Fortnite

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In its legal battle against Apple, Epic Games was proud to ask for the release of Fortnite, an interesting topic that we already had the opportunity to discuss at the time in this article, where we gave you a fairly complete and unbiased view of reality that was behind that legal battle, and in the end it is already known, neither the good ones are so good, nor the bad ones are so bad.

I do not want to repeat myself about something that is already more than spoken, and that we already know perfectly, so I invite you to review the previous link if you have any questions. In this article, we are going to focus in a new information of great interest that has been confirmed by Apple due to the natural evolution of that legal battle that it fights against Epic Games, and that was caused by the latter.

According to a series of internal documents, Epic Games had been working on something called “Project Libery”, which we can translate directly as “Project Freedom”. It is, according to the information provided by Apple, a strategy to create a media scandal against the Cupertino firm that would serve for return interest to Fortnite at a time when said game was suffering a marked loss of interest, and users, two keys that, obviously, also implied a significant reduction in income.


“Project Liberty” would be a clear example of manipulation, according to Apple

To carry out this project, Epic Games enlisted the services of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, a public relations firm, in the year 2019. Look at the date, we go back to a time when, in theory, everything was going well between Apple and Epic Games. In 2020, Tim Sweeney himself asked for a clear favorable treatment from the Cupertino company, but it did not get the expected result, and in the end he decided to activate the, misnamed, “Project Freedom.”

As we have said, this project had already been “in the oven” for some time, and it was executed in a masterful way. Epic Games introduced an update in the form of a hotfix that allowed to bypass the barriers of the App Store, and also the Google Play Store, and unleashed a war that, according to Epic’s own internal documents described as “fun!” (“fun”). Although at first glance it did not seem like it, Epic Games was winning, since it left Apple, and Google, as the bad guys in the movie, forced them to have to justify the policies of their application stores, and generated a lot of attention on Fortnite .

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, had already confirmed the existence of “Project Liberty”, but had defined it as a work of months to prepare the lawsuit against Apple. As we see, the reality is different, and completely change the role of good and bad. For many, Epic Games is, de facto, the victim of this legal process, and Apple the tyrant, but the truth is that, from an impartial perspective, and with all the data that we have right now on the table, it is clear that it is Epic Games the one that has not done things well, and the one that has to start giving a lot of explanations.

Personally, I don’t like Fortnite. I have never liked it, and I have never understood the expectation it has generated and the success it has achieved. Nevertheless, is the central pillar of Epic Games, its main source of income, and I fully understand that the company is willing to do anything to keep it “alive” and to put it back on the cover of many media, even if it has to resort to this type of bad practice. You can find more information at this link.

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