Apple to launch its virtual reality headsets with LiDAR sensor in 2022

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Little by little, augmented reality is making its way into the main devices on the market. And Apple would be one of those companies focused on the manufacture of this type of device. It is not the first time we have heard about glasses of this type, now these rumors are confirmed with new information about the date on which these glasses would be released.

Already at the time Tim Cook, He assured that in the future a large part of the population around the world will have augmented reality experiences on a daily basis, so much so that they hope that having devices of this type, such as glasses, is as important as carrying the iPhone.

Augmented reality glasses could be presented in 2022

Now a new JP Morgan report reach from first quarter of 2022. The report says that the design of Apple’s virtual reality headsets “will be similar to other brands,” and that the main specifications will include six lenses, LiDAR Y a time of flight sensor. It adds that this will improve the user experience “when playing AR and VR.”

Concept of virtual reality headsets

It will be aimed at a high-end market, as it will be more expensive than other VR headsets currently available. Only the cost of your materials could reach $ 500, so its launch price could even double.

The report further comments that various vendors are expected to benefit greatly from the manufacture of these headphones. However, Apple’s glasses are rumored to be “unlikely to be released in the next 12 to 18 months” due to their “industrial design specifications and management of the supply chain is extremely complex and needs adaptation“.

A size according to the products of your competitors

According to other reports, Apple has reduced the size of the headphones, bringing the screens closer to a user’s face to compensate for the additional weight added by the fan, as well as the addition of a system to insert custom prescription lenses into the headphones for people who need to wear glasses.

Other media confirm this information

In summary, this report reflects recent news, such as that of Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, who recently said that Apple is already working in this niche, with the idea of ​​launching high-cost headphones that could be worth more than $ 900 and launch of 2022.


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