Apple TV already allows you to watch YouTube in 4K but with limitations

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The Apple TV 4K has just turned three years old and, in that time, many users have seen and desired them to squeeze that image quality to the maximum in their Smart TVs. Although for a while now iTunes itself has made an effort to transform old movies from the old FullHD to 4K (at no cost to users), not all platforms have gone hand in hand in this evolution.

And one of them has been, surprisingly, YouTube, which despite having tons of 4K content within its platform, I had not had support in Apple’s set-top box (STB) to achieve that resolution. In any case, the good news is that with the arrival of tvOS 14, part of that old problem with the Google service has been solved, although there are still some fringes pending for someone to attack them in the coming months.

Hit play and enjoy 4K

As we tell you, YouTube has finally enabled 4K video playback of its entire platform for Apple TV, so we can choose that streaming quality as long as we have bandwidth fast and stable enough to maintain those 3,840×2,160 pixels of resolution. Now, in the same way that we have to be happy about this update, we must warn that some typical extras of this UHD have been lost along the way.

YouTube in 4K on Apple TV 2017. Reddit

Specifically two, which are the possibility of watch videos at 60 frames per second, something that most high-end smartphones are capable of capturing, and on the other the famous HDR, which is a high dynamic range technology capable of displaying images in such a way that we can see them with a much more realistic aspect. In those two cases, the YouTube videos will appear as limited. You can see them, but without that plus that substantially improves the viewing result

Anyway, don’t expect to have this 4K already available on your Apple TV simply by updating the YouTube application, since this increase in stream quality is being carried out gradually and remotely, that is, with the video platform controlling at all times in which territories this type of content is allowed to be accessed. That is why if it does not appear in your STB yet, you will have to wait a few days.

Of course, where there is good news is in the field of the iPad and iPhone, in which YouTube already announced that 4K content will be available both at 60 frames per second and with HDR … although at the moment their screens do not reach that UHD resolution.