Apple TV comes to the new Chromecast, how can you install it?

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Surely this news, if it occurred five years ago, many would have thought it was april fools day Because just thinking that Apple could invade Android territory, more than one would have remembered that old animosity of a Steve Jobs who swore on many occasions to destroy those of Mountain View and their mobile operating system.

But things have changed a lot. After a period of confrontation, now it is time to go to practice, to increase the number of potential users and in those is Apple, which In the last year it has brought the Apple TV + application with its series and movies to practically all devices possible: Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, video game consoles, etc. So the step of landing on Google TV was more than sung.

New Google Chromecast. Google

So said and done. It was Google itself that in a funny tweet with Ted Lasso as the protagonist He wanted to let us know that we already have the application available for the new Chromecasts and, of course, all those devices with Google TV, which can quickly download the application from the application store with just a couple of clicks. As if it were a smartphone.

The luck of Chromecast

Apple TV + was launched on November 1, 2019 and since then it has struggled to increase its catalog of original series and films. Although it started with very little and to this day it is still the one that offers the least content, of course 2020 served to strengthen some of those productions and work on the second seasons of the fictions that triumphed at their premiere: “Servant”, “For All Mankind” or “Dickinson” are already available, as well as “The Morning Show”, which is on its way.


– Made By Google (@madebygoogle) February 17, 2021

In addition to those first ones, in 2020 we have had series like “Defend Jacob”, “Ted Lasso” or “Greyhound”, the movie with Tom Hanks as the main character, so right now it begins to take on a real body. So its arrival to the new Chromecast could serve to hook us to the wagon of a new platform that is characterized by taking great care of its content. In addition, for those who have an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV, they will be able to see all their purchases in this new application to reproduce them within the library section. Of course, without the so-called iTunes extras that, for now, do not appear as an alternative to view.

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