Apple TV + extends its free period that began in 2019: until when?

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Apple has a current offer practically from the first day it launched its own streaming video platform. That November 1, 2019 where he landed with more good intentions than original productions and, perhaps because of that, she was forced to start a promotional plan that included a whole year for free after the purchase of a device from the Americans.

So, after purchasing a new iPhone, iPad, Mac computer, or Apple TV, those from Cupertino gave away 12 months completely free to view the contents of their online platform, in such a way that until November 1, 2020 they did not have to pay a single euro. But that changed, and it was in October of last year when they again extended that time of use until February 2021, at which time we are almost there, so they have chosen to maintain the promotion and extend that period even more.

Half of 2021 free total

So that second extension, which has already begun to be notified to US users (and these days to Europeans) will allow to extend that free period until July of this year, so they take another five months completely free. More than interesting idea, especially if we see that catalog of productions that are beginning to arrive and that, finally, are picking up the rhythm of the premiere.

Apple TV + on various devices. Manzana

When July of this year arrives, users who signed up for this promotion will have enjoyed almost two uninterrupted years of content without paying a euro, which is not bad at all, especially if we take into account that in this time we have seen some very interesting content arrive like “The Morning Show”, “On the Rocks”, “Servant”, “Greyhound”, “For all the Humanity “or” Defend Jacob “.

Precisely, it is in a good part of the releases that will begin to arrive next month where we can find the reason for Apple’s decision to extend the trial period. Some of the second seasons of those fictions that have penetrated among users are coming, in addition to the highly anticipated “Foundation”, and that is why those of Cupertino want to consolidate their subscriber base, both through a monthly payment, and through that alternative that we have which is Apple One.

Further, In the months until July, Apple will finish expanding its application to the rest of the platforms that still have to be reached, such as Android, where we will soon have a native app for both mobile devices and Chromecast.


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