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Manzana has made changes to in-app purchases in the latest update of iOS 14, with this he hopes it will be clearer how much an application charges for a subscription.

Apple will carefully review the price of purchases within the apps in iOS 14.5

David Barnard noted the following:

Apple seems to make some changes to the “purchase sheet” in iOS 14.5. It’s not as dramatic as I hope they will eventually make it, but it’s going in the right direction. iOS 14.5 beta 2 vs iOS 14.4

The subtle change places greater emphasis on how much an app costs, increasing the size of the text detailing the price information. While not a major revision, this move is expected to help users become clearer about the price of an app they are signing up for.

The reason for this change could well be because of recent reports of rogue apps on the App Store charging users vastly inflated subscription costs for very little in terms of features, relying on users not to notice the price or forget to cancel later. of a free trial.

Some App Store developers charge up to $ 9.99 a week for access to a coloring app, or for wallpapers and lock screens just to name a few.

Manzana It has also started rejecting irrationally high priced apps, reminding developers that they can’t use the App Store to scam users.

First noted in a tweet yesterday (now deleted), ilia shared an email from the App Store review, in which Apple noted that the developer guidelines clearly state that developers should not attempt to scam or mislead users. no way.

App Store Review noted that “the prices you have selected for your application or in-app purchase products in your application do not reflect the value of the features and content that is offered to the user.” The email then lists the specific redacted prices, before asking the developer to review the app to provide more value to the user at checkout or to lower the price.

All this change will help users to take precautions when buying or subscribing to an application.

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